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Cozy Narrative Game - Coming Soon to Switch & PC

Can You Help Salamanderville?

Sleep Swimmer is a 2.5D adventure game about a girl who is overstimulated by the overconnectivity of modern life, so in her dreams she escapes to an underwater town called Salamanderville. Here she makes friends with the salamanders who live there, and collects precious sounds from around town in order to create relaxing melodic music!

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This game is a winner of Trazfuser 2023!

We are over the moon to be one of the winners of Tranzfuser 2023! This has been a goal of our game for a long time as we work towards releasing Sleep Swimmer on Steam. We've had such amazing support so far from all of the Tranzfuser team and we are privileged to be along side such incredible teams that are hard at work making the best games possible!

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Check out the trailer here! 

“There is something relaxing about the way you float, swimming through rooms and finding new locations to explore.”
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Step into Salamanderville!

One of the most important parts of "Sleep Swimmer" is the world that Aria finds herself in - Salamanderville, a sleepy underwater town.Here we’ve crafted a small underwater town called “Salamanderville” that’s like nothing else. It’s full of eccentricities, details and mysteries to discover as you meet the resident Salamanders, Jelly Fish and eventually the whales! 

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WishList on Steam
Coming Soon!

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