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Welcome To Salamanderville!

Game Description

Sleep Swimmer is a narrative adventure game where you play as Aria, an anxious girl who escapes her overstimulating world by visiting an underwater town full of salamander people in her dreams. In this marine world, Aria must use the power of music to help the salamanders solve their problems. The gameplay is focused on exploration, character, DJ mixing mechanics, and story. Swim around this lush, vibrant aquatic world and collect sounds, mix them on your DJ set, and make friends with the salamander townsfolk. Help Aria overcome her anxieties while she tries to solve problems for her new underwater pals! 

Fact Sheet


Beyond Tomorrow Studios


London, England, United Kingdom

Founding Date

August 3rd 2023

Press Contact

Main Team

Julia Spinola - Game Designer & Director

Harry Lee - Creative Producer & Biz Dev

Farooq Delvhi - Technical Producer

Flavia Menga - Artist & Animator

Ben Gardner - Lead Programmer


Studio Twitter: BYNDtomorrow

Studio Tiktok: 

LinkedIN: Beyond Tomorrow Studios

Studio History

Beyond Tomorrow Studios is a narrative-driven indie games studio founded in 2023 by Julia Spinola and Harry Lee, both recent graduates of the National Film and Television School. Along with three other members of the team, they started the studio to create cozy games that resonate with Gen-Z audiences.


The studio's core values are creativity, experimentation, and pushing boundaries, and these values are reflected in their first game, Sleep Swimmer. The game secured funding from the UK Games Fund in 2023 and has been praised for its innovative approach to storytelling about mental health.


Beyond Tomorrow Studios is committed to creating games that resonate with Gen-Z women, the studio's target demographic. The team is passionate about exploring complex themes and emotions through immersive gameplay experiences, and they are constantly experimenting with new ideas and technologies to push the boundaries of what games can do.


The team at Beyond Tomorrow Studios is a close-knit group of friends from university, and their team culture reflects this. They value collaboration, creativity, and open communication, and they work together to create games that they are proud of. The studio is excited about the future and is already working on new games and projects that continue to push the boundaries of narrative-driven game design.


Download the full gallery here 


Link to the trailer (Downloadable)

Selected Articles:

“There is something relaxing about the way you float, swimming through rooms and finding new locations to explore.”

- Jupiter Hadley (Indie Games Plus)

Awards & Recognition:

Big Indie Pitch London 2023 Finalist

Tranzfuser 2023 Winner

UK Games Fund 2023-2024

GDLX Golden Ticket Showcase

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