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We all started making video games together at the NFTS while studying our respective masters, and together we have over 10 years experience of making great games on our own and with other companies!


We started Beyond Tomorrow Studios in mid 2023 so that we could go all in on one game - Sleep Swimmer! 

So How Did We Get Here?

Starting at the NFTS

When we met at the NFTS we had no idea that we would eventually be forming a company together, even if it was always a dream. Despite this a couple of months after graduating, Julia rounded up a team to work on “Sleep Swimmer”.

The Next Steps

Sleep Swimmer had actually been Julia’s grad game while at the NFTS and after the great reaction it got at EGX 2022, she decided the best thing to do was keep working on it, and thus - Beyond Tomorrow Studios was born!

Community Focus

Through Sleep Swimmer, and all of the games we make after it, we want to be a company that are making incredible, accessible games that can be played by anyone. Our goal is to make games that someone can pick up and spend two minutes with or ten hours depending on their mood. Our number one priority is giving people an escape, because that’s why we play games! 

Meet the Team

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